Friday, 13 June 2014


I apologise for any grammatical errors that you may encounter from now....

               So, I have two friends that decided they were going to do summer projects this year and for a while I thought to myself, should i? and at first I wasn’t going to do anything but then I thought of all the possibilities. For those who actually are reading this and don’t know, I play the piano. I’ve been playing for 14 years now and I doubt that I’ll ever really stop. It’s been such a major part of my life for so long that I can’t imagine my life without it.
               I’ve decided that I’m going to relearn all my old exam pieces that I can find and try and learn new ones as well. So that means this summer I’ll  be practising because after this when I go to university there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually find a piano that I’m allowed to play or even find the time to play one. I want to get in as much practise from now so that later on, when I’m finally able to go back around a piano, I won’t be completely and utterly lost.
               So, in stating it once and for all, My summer goal is to learn and relearn as many piano pieces as possible in order to broaden my knowledge and playing skills. Now, to those who actually read this, I know it’s probably been a rough year and for the summer you want to either party or just relax, but what is it going to take you to think of one thing that you love to do and that maybe or maybe not you’re good at and just take an hour or so out of the day to do it. At the end of the summer you can at least say you accomplished something whether or not everyone else around you can see what it means, it’ll at least mean something to you. So think about it. Think of that one thing that comes to your mind that you wanted to accomplish this  year but didn’t have the time to because of the work load that was weighing you down (other than watching lots of movies and finishing TV series). Think about it, and then…..just do it.



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