Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I'm only but a child of the King and because of this I have faults. One of these faults includes my lack of being able to constantly have my grammar and spelling in check and so i apologise for the grammatical errors or any others that you may see while reading this post.....Having that said, enjoy reading...

     So, I know this is pretty cliché around this time of year because everyone is graduating but please, just bare with me for a little while. Now last week, I attended 3 graduations…why, I really couldn’t tell you. I was feeling the grad spirit. But out of these three I was outside for one, listened to a good part of the other and was inside for more than half of the last one. And out of these three graduation services (all of which I was late to beyond my control), I was present for only one of the guest speaker’s speeches. And if the others were like the one I had to sit through, I’m very happy for that. Now I understand that you’re there to motivate the graduates and so forth but please could you at least try to grab everyone’s attention? The fact that people had to leave during your speech was not an indication to you to try and cut it short or try to spice it up a bit. I mean really, I understand we’re adults now, blah, blah, blah…but we still get restless and would like to get something to eat since we’re missing dinner.

     To anyone that has ever or is going to do a speech at a graduation please keep these things in mind:
-   We’re only there to take pictures, get certificates, hear the grad song and leave
-   We love the person who we came to watch graduate but at the same time, we’d also like to eat dinner
-   Not everyone attending the dinner is in their prime, meaning elderly people will be present as well and cannot manage the drawn out services
-   For students with a big number of people graduating, remember each of these persons has to get called up, get their certificate handed to them AND get their picture taken, so no one has time for a drawn out speech
-   There’s also the valedictorian speech and this person understands that we all want to go home….why can’t you?

I understand, technically it’s your time to shine (not really) but please make your speech short AND interesting so that we want to pay attention and not disrespect you by chatting and falling asleep.


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