Tuesday, 17 June 2014


By the time this is posted, I would have officially been finished with my exams so yay for that, but no yay's for my grammatical errors that you may encounter, so for this i do apologise, even if they do occur, in this one sentence....

Well, Im currently doing regional exams and to be honest I dont like them. Exams are hard and even though I understand why theyre hard….up to a certain point. Theyre suppose to be a representation of what you either learnt in school in either 5 years or one depending on which level youre at. What Im saying is I honestly dont believe that its a true representation of whether youve learned anything or not. I believe that we no longer learn in schools. We pass. Most of us dont study regularly. Studying isnt taking up a book cause you know you have an exam tomorrow or next week. Studying is the constant going over of topics to ensure that you understand something, what we do I swat. And in the end even though its not good for us, we still do it cause we want to pass. No one wants to fail a class, course or year because lets be honest, in the times that were living in, thats a lot of money. We all want to pass and were all big procrastinators so most of us end up swatting and sure it works for us now but ask us a week from the day of the exam and we cant tell you anything!
            For one of my subjects I had to do a research and one of my questions in the questionnaires handed out was if they thought that the regional exams that we are required to sit in order to get into university were a true representation of if weve learnt in school or a true representation of how smart someone is. More than 50%   said no. I honestly believe that some people are better expressing themselves while talking in order to explain themselves than putting it on paper. Dont get me wrong though, we all need to know how to put our ideas on paper in a way that makes sense because at one point or another in our life, well probably have to produce a report for a superior but the fact still remains that many dont feel comfortable in the way that exams are set up.
Also, what happened to those that get really nervous and stressed out during exams and just fail even though they know the material. What of those students? I understand that for my exam, were required to do a research or lab reports, depending on the subject throughout the year which our teachers then grade and give us a grade out of 20% which we then enter the examination with so that we have a part of our 100% already.
            Ive also come to notice that exam time is one of the most drama free time in your life that you will ever. I think part of the reason for this is because no one has the time to stir up anything because no one wants to be a cruff in the future. Everyone wants to be able to go back to their high school reunion and say, see Im a big-shot and I have this and that. Why is it though that we cant think like this during the rest of the year? Why is it only at exam time that everyone decides that theyre just not gonna put up with someone elses bull. We need to try and evaluate or selves some more and realise that this is the time where were making important decisions all year round in order to have a future that we want.
            So dont wait on exam time to study or even New Years to say that youre gonna make studying a new years resolution for you this year. Decide now. If you know what youll be studying in the school year to come, make a head start from now, Take your own life into your  hands and try to make your situation better.

Well, to be honest, this post isnt one of my best ones but it is one, so here it is. Feel free to do whatever with it….



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