Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Differences

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors I might have

A couple of friends and I were talking today and it kind of amazed me how differently males and females think.. And Im not even talking about the obvious differences. I thought, sure, we have certain things that we all think differently about but my gosh, its such a wide gap.
Take the topic of females cooking. One of the guys said, well we fix the cars, mow the lawn, etc so why cant you do the cooking washing and cleaning. A girl replied by saying, well nobody asked you to, I can get a gardener and a mechanic. One person pointed out that back in the old days, males and females used to share for example the cooking. So the woman can cook tonight and the man the next. That is something Im totally agreeable with but dont comment in a conversation like this about how girls nowadays arent willing to cook. No, get it right, some of us are willing BUT its likely that if we do, youll take advantage of it and demand that we cook every night and I am not about that life.

Sharing responsibilities is something that I expect with every relationship, me taking on the bulk of the work or even the house work because Im female is not going to be an excuse for you to fix the car every 5 years or mow the lawn every few weeks. No it doesnt work like that. You enter into relationship with rights, and during that relationship, the rights must not automatically disappear. And why is it that nowadays, all I ever hear is is if you dont feed your man hell either cheat or leave. So what youre telling me is that basically, if I dont cook every night wash and clean, that my man will leave? Nah, if hes really that small minded, Id like to know why were married to begin with. He needs to know, memorise and learn the word SHARE!

Another thing that came up was the whole divorce and marrying for money. Now, Im not going to lie, most of us girls want a man with money. Why? Because were high maintenance. Theres no way of going around that, we are (and any girl that tells you otherwise is lying). There is at least one thing in this world that we will spend a lot of money on and be over joyed. And with that one thing or those things, we dont want to feel guilty that were going to have to starve for the rest of the month. So when we say we want a man with money, yes were telling the truth, but most of us wont only marry for money. Personality actually does matter because if you have money but youre mean as hell and want to lift your hand against me, Im dropping you faster than you can say hot pocket. 

Also, no matter how you try to pretty it up, looks do matter. If a girl thinks youre ugly, then she thinks youre ugly. She should give you a chance because, you may never know they could be the sweetest person youll ever meet, but lets not all kid ourselves by saying looks dont matter. Especially with guys. You guys always have something specific that you like about girls and if shes ugly you probably wont ever look in her direction.

As I was saying, though. I hear a lot of girls say, they want to marry a rich man, but if things go south, theyre taking at least half of his money, but if they go into a relationship and theyre earning more money than him, they want a prenup. Well, I look at it like this, if you marry a rich man and he cheats and you want a divorce, youre entitled to at least half of everything. Simple as that. But if you cheat and want a divorce, keep yourself quiet and take what you get (if you get anything) cause youre in the wrong. Now, I was trying to explain to my friends that the only reason, Id ask for my future husband to sign a prenup, is if I really loved him, he had no money and no ambition. I mean, come on. Love is nice and all but you have to have ambition. Now if I loved him, he had no money but he had ambition and was working towards a successful goal then fine, no prenup but you have to be realistic if you enter into a relationship with a whole heap of money. So many people get screwed over just because of blind love. If the fact that Im marrying you and you have no money or ambition, I must love you a whole heap to begin with but prenup it shall be. But if I can see that you actually plan on doing something with your life then fine. We can work together.  

Well, comment if you wantwhich you probably wontand tell me what you think about the whole thing

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So I was watching this video and just had to share it with.whoever. I think it’s so accurate. So yeah.enjoy.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


How rare is it in this day and age for a guy to just stop and let you pass when walking? How often has a guy, who’s not your boyfriend, opened a door for you just to be polite? Maybe this just happens to me ‘cause people don’t like me but it rarely happens. And when I look at our generation, I think that it’s very sad. How hard is it for a guy to open a door and then stand back and allow you to pass without any ulterior motives?
Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. I know a few guys who still do that, even for girls they don’t know and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever. Especially when they’re really humble about it. I sometimes hear guys ask what they get from opening a door or even doing little things for girls. And my response is, the satisfaction of knowing that you still have some redeeming qualities. I mean really, how far in life do you think ‘swag’ will get you? How much respect do you think that you’ll get? Please, re-evaluate your life.

Now I'm not saying that guys are the only ones that need to re-evaluate their lives. As a girl I can honestly say, sometimes we don’t act like ‘ladies’. A lot of us are feminists but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I also don’t see anything wrong with wanting to be pampered every now and then. Some of us are more sensitive than others. At no point in time do I think that girls will fully understand boys nor will boys fully understand girls but I don’t think we were meant to. I think we still need to surprise each other every now and then.

Back to the ladies issue though. Some of us really don’t behave as well as we should, I can admit that. I mean sure we curse, and scream and stomp our feet like 5 years old but most of us are good. We just have our moments that just make us a little bit more vicious than usual.

Long story short. Both sexes can improve on certain things that we do. And we can all learn something from one another, so just try to be a better person all round.

Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm Sorry

I promised you a post on gentlemen but i've been really busy with school work and stuff. I know, it's a crazy thought that i actually do work but i need to to get into university so the posts are slow. But in the meantime while you wait on my opinions about Gentlemen, look at the video Gentleman by The Saturdays. Great song that sums up a lot about our a way


Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well would you believe that since that last post my laptop has been gone so that's the reason for my lack of updates but my next post should be about GENTLEMEN so look out for that.....if anyone even reads this :/

So yea, later