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I'm only but a child of the King and because of this I have faults. One of these faults includes my lack of being able to constantly have my grammar and spelling in check and so i apologise for the grammatical errors or any others that you may see while reading this post.....Having that said, enjoy reading...

     So, I know this is pretty cliché around this time of year because everyone is graduating but please, just bare with me for a little while. Now last week, I attended 3 graduations…why, I really couldn’t tell you. I was feeling the grad spirit. But out of these three I was outside for one, listened to a good part of the other and was inside for more than half of the last one. And out of these three graduation services (all of which I was late to beyond my control), I was present for only one of the guest speaker’s speeches. And if the others were like the one I had to sit through, I’m very happy for that. Now I understand that you’re there to motivate the graduates and so forth but please could you at least try to grab everyone’s attention? The fact that people had to leave during your speech was not an indication to you to try and cut it short or try to spice it up a bit. I mean really, I understand we’re adults now, blah, blah, blah…but we still get restless and would like to get something to eat since we’re missing dinner.

     To anyone that has ever or is going to do a speech at a graduation please keep these things in mind:
-   We’re only there to take pictures, get certificates, hear the grad song and leave
-   We love the person who we came to watch graduate but at the same time, we’d also like to eat dinner
-   Not everyone attending the dinner is in their prime, meaning elderly people will be present as well and cannot manage the drawn out services
-   For students with a big number of people graduating, remember each of these persons has to get called up, get their certificate handed to them AND get their picture taken, so no one has time for a drawn out speech
-   There’s also the valedictorian speech and this person understands that we all want to go home….why can’t you?

I understand, technically it’s your time to shine (not really) but please make your speech short AND interesting so that we want to pay attention and not disrespect you by chatting and falling asleep.


Monday, 23 June 2014


So I was reading Elite Daily the other day and thought I'd share this item because I honestly believe that sometimes we don't consider men for certain things. and in this world, we're mainly being hypocritical so i'm gonna link to the article i was reading cause i honestly think you guys should read it.

Why Men should stop settling for less

so i hope you liked reading it


Saturday, 21 June 2014


So, I was looking at some TED talks a few days ago and came across this inspirational video for women. Now, as a female myself of course I'm gonna be inspired that pushes women to do better and that is for the betterment of our female race on a whole and because of this i thought i'd share this video with you...

So watch this video, think what  you may but we have to realise that just like men, women have a role to play in this world as well.


Friday, 20 June 2014


Mistakes, errors, catastrophes....whatever you want to call them, I probably made them in this post and i am very sorry for that, that being said, the show must go on....

        So, I’m a pretty insecure person for the most part so before if someone was suppose to ask me this question I wouldn’t know what to say. But I saw this somewhere and thought of it and thought to myself, there has to be one thing that I like about me…a physical thing. I can’t hate all of me. I’m sure there’s more than one….maybe, but there has to be at least one. Otherwise what have I been doing? Why is it that I’m here and I can’t think of one thing that I like about myself physically.

        After some serious thought, I came up with… eyes. Some people might think me delirious but in actuality, I think it’s a good choice for me. They’re one thing that I can honestly say that I like, despite me having to wear glasses cause I’m practically blind. I think they’re expressive and I do believe that they are the windows to your soul….why? Because of people like me who are very expressive when it comes to facial expressions. I’m told by many that my facial expressions make people laugh….sometimes I honestly don’t see how, but if I’m able to put a smile on your face and make you genuinely happy then by all means I’m fine with that.

        My eyes are the one physical feature about myself that I love because I believe that they express me and they sometimes even say the things that I’m unable to express myself. And for that I’m truly grateful and will forever try my best not to damage them more than they already are.



Thursday, 19 June 2014


You know the drill by now, I'm not perfect and because of this i make mistakes...

            Now, some time ago I started writing a blog post on girls/women….basically females in general but I’ve yet to finish it enough to post, so when I saw this topic I thought it’d be a semi-good idea. At the end after I get feedback from this post I’ll tell you (maybe) if it was a good idea.

            Now, the question at hand is, how do women use social media? I can’t talk for every girl but I can speak of me and my friends. Let’s take YouTube first (Is YouTube even considered a social media? I don’t know). I use YouTube for the YouTubers, I love them. I enjoy watching most of their videos now depending on the girl, her subscription list may be different. A lot of girls watch beauty videos, i.e. how to put on make-up or they may watch how to put together an outfit. It all depends on the person. But there’s also other things that everyone goes on YouTube for. Music videos, tv shows, movies, trailers, comedy, even school work(cause during exam time my suggestions from YouTube are all educational videos)….there’s a lot of things on YouTube that one can look at and just like boys we may go on one thing and then end up at a video completely opposite of what you were watching first.

            Now, on to things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some girls if not many actually just use some of these to socialise or get to know people. Me I’m different, I mainly use twitter and the only reason I go on the other c=social media is to look at what others are doing. Although it may not seem like it sometimes, girls are major stalkers. Especially if they like a guy, they find out all of his social media names and she’s looked through all your pictures and videos and anything you’ve ever been tagged to. By the time she actually talks to you (if she ever doess) she knows everything there is to know about you. Your middle name, your birthday, your sign, your best friend, your favourite type of music, your favourite colour…..EVERYTHING!! Girls are t he best at finding out information that’s why it’s never advised to lie to a girl….we know it all! And this is why, when we want to find something out, we’re determined to do anything possible in order to get the information that we want. Never underestimate the power a girl has.

            So from this post, it basically looks like girls are creeps but maybe this is just me. So don’t take my word for it. Everyone is different maybe my friends and I just have problems….who knows.

Enjoy the rest of your day anyways



Wednesday, 18 June 2014


For the mistakes that may appear along your journey of reading this post, i apologise for i am lazy to edit and because of this you have to suffer....

          ADULTS, KEEP YOUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL. I can’t even begin to say how many adults I see with children that are just out of control and considering that I live in Jamaica that’s one too many. In Jamaica, you grow up knowing a saying, ‘if you can’t hear, you’ll feel.’ Now I’m not a big fan of beating children, but every now and then they need to be put in their place and know that you’re the parent and they are the child which means, they don’t question you. What you says goes and you have the final word. Not the other way around where they believe that what they say goes and by them crying they’ll get their own way.

            When I was little, I didn’t really get beaten by my parents, to be honest my father has never laid a hand on me, my mother is another story. But I know why she did it. So I wouldn’t grow up thinking certain things can slide. And for that I’m grateful because to be honest, I’m not spoilt but I’m also taken care of. My mother made me know from a certain age that when she speaks once she doesn’t like having to repeat herself to me and I also don’t speak back cause she’ll knock it right out of me. So when I see the little children nowadays throwing tantrums and their parents giving them what they want I have to look at it and wonder what our world will be like. My mother never condoned things like that. If I’m crying because she won’t give me something that I want but she knows I either don’t need or shouldn’t get she’d either tell me ‘you can bawl, till you bawl blood’ or the famous saying ‘you want me to give you something to cry about?’ That’s my mum, and I’m proud of saying that.

            My dad deals with me different cause he doesn’t like the crying and whenever I cry in front of him he always thinks it’s over foolishness. But one thing both of my parents hate are spoilt children and children who don’t have any manners. I go to my music class, and in order to get to where my teacher is there’s another area before you reach here a lot of the older kids just hang around until it’s our time and the amount of children that will pass us and not say good afternoon or evening….not even a hello, it’s ridiculous. I could never do that!! I don’t think I’ll ever understand how others do it. Manners are a very important thing when it comes to my family. Let me come home one evening and go straight to my room without saying evening to EVERYONE that is in the house and see if I don’t get a piece of tongue lashing! No, it doesn’t work like that. Or let me wake up and not say morning to one person. My parents believe in manners and I can’t blame them. So the generation coming up needs to learn this and you know why they’re not learning it because of their parents. The parents don’t stress on them having to have manners to them and because they don’t show their parents any respect. How do we expect them to have manners to anyone else? I have a little cousin in kindergarten who has a habit of when someone is calling him to just answer yes. He doesn’t go to the person or say something like ‘yes Grandma,’ ‘yes Daddy’ or ‘yes Auntie’ just, yes. And he did it to his teacher one day when my mummy went to pick him up and she put him in his place right there at school. You think I can answer ANYBODY and just say yes and not follow up with his or her name or title or anything like that. My mother would beat me from here to next Sunday. Little things like that is what the parents of the generation needs to look at cause if you don’t teach them from their little how do you expect them to behave when they get older. And then when you’re in your old age you sit in a chair trying to figure out where you went wrong.

Don’t give them everything they WANT if they don’t NEED it.

Demand that they have manners to you and everyone else around, start with them just saying Good Morning even.

Ensure that if you were to leave them somewhere and you came back and were standing with other parents watching your child interact with others whether it be their age or even older, you’d be proud to say to the other parents, ‘that’s my child’’. Following just little things like that make a big difference in this world.

That is all, yes I’m ending it pretty sudden this time.



Tuesday, 17 June 2014


By the time this is posted, I would have officially been finished with my exams so yay for that, but no yay's for my grammatical errors that you may encounter, so for this i do apologise, even if they do occur, in this one sentence....

Well, Im currently doing regional exams and to be honest I dont like them. Exams are hard and even though I understand why theyre hard….up to a certain point. Theyre suppose to be a representation of what you either learnt in school in either 5 years or one depending on which level youre at. What Im saying is I honestly dont believe that its a true representation of whether youve learned anything or not. I believe that we no longer learn in schools. We pass. Most of us dont study regularly. Studying isnt taking up a book cause you know you have an exam tomorrow or next week. Studying is the constant going over of topics to ensure that you understand something, what we do I swat. And in the end even though its not good for us, we still do it cause we want to pass. No one wants to fail a class, course or year because lets be honest, in the times that were living in, thats a lot of money. We all want to pass and were all big procrastinators so most of us end up swatting and sure it works for us now but ask us a week from the day of the exam and we cant tell you anything!
            For one of my subjects I had to do a research and one of my questions in the questionnaires handed out was if they thought that the regional exams that we are required to sit in order to get into university were a true representation of if weve learnt in school or a true representation of how smart someone is. More than 50%   said no. I honestly believe that some people are better expressing themselves while talking in order to explain themselves than putting it on paper. Dont get me wrong though, we all need to know how to put our ideas on paper in a way that makes sense because at one point or another in our life, well probably have to produce a report for a superior but the fact still remains that many dont feel comfortable in the way that exams are set up.
Also, what happened to those that get really nervous and stressed out during exams and just fail even though they know the material. What of those students? I understand that for my exam, were required to do a research or lab reports, depending on the subject throughout the year which our teachers then grade and give us a grade out of 20% which we then enter the examination with so that we have a part of our 100% already.
            Ive also come to notice that exam time is one of the most drama free time in your life that you will ever. I think part of the reason for this is because no one has the time to stir up anything because no one wants to be a cruff in the future. Everyone wants to be able to go back to their high school reunion and say, see Im a big-shot and I have this and that. Why is it though that we cant think like this during the rest of the year? Why is it only at exam time that everyone decides that theyre just not gonna put up with someone elses bull. We need to try and evaluate or selves some more and realise that this is the time where were making important decisions all year round in order to have a future that we want.
            So dont wait on exam time to study or even New Years to say that youre gonna make studying a new years resolution for you this year. Decide now. If you know what youll be studying in the school year to come, make a head start from now, Take your own life into your  hands and try to make your situation better.

Well, to be honest, this post isnt one of my best ones but it is one, so here it is. Feel free to do whatever with it….



Monday, 16 June 2014


I apologise for any errors that you may encounter along your journey of reading....

So, I’ve officially finished the fault in our stars and to be honest I had been putting off reading it for a while. I have a friend that gives me books cause she  has ton loads of them and she gave me this one as well. Now considering that my exams are not yet over but almost are, I decided, why not? It couldn’t hurt that much right? Wrong!!!
I started reading this book on a Friday while I was on my way into Kingston for a national competition and the tears that just wanted to burst while I was sitting in the back of my friend’s dad’s car was just unbelievable!! And I hadn’t even reached chapter 5!!!!! From then I should of known that it could only go downhill from there. But no, I didn’t stop there. After the competition when we came back for a Chem class, we reached back early so we went to his house where I played a couple car racing games and went back to reading the book. Thank the Father above I was alone at the moment cause I just started bawling right then and there and I just couldn’t stop!!!
John Green, what is this that you said you have done to me?!? And now I’m suppose to go watch that movie in the theatres with my friends? I don’t think so. Y’all ain’t ready for me to cry in public (FYI, I’m not a cute crier, I just get uglier and uglier). After watching so many of his react videos and vlogs with his brother, John Green just made me shed some major tears that I can’t even begin to explain. And this is why I’ll probably never understand why people don’t like to read. I think it’s amazing because think of all the major possibilities that run through your head whil reading that one sentence, and then your brain just magically decides to pick one picture and that is now what you have envisioned for that one sentence. It’s amazing and it never ceases to amaze me and I highly doubt it ever really will.
Anyways, long story short, the book is amazingly written even if there were some words that I just did not understand. I’m grateful for people like John Green and all the people that have read his work and people like them because they keep the reading community still alive. It goes to show that not everyone prefers to TV shows or movies to the book. Reading opens up a whole new world that I honestly believe that we should all be privy to. So pick up a book once in a while and read something that you’re not required to read for school cause it’s an amazing world to get lost in and for some people it may just be your escape from the world for a measly few minutes a day.



Friday, 13 June 2014


I apologise for any grammatical errors that you may encounter from now....

               So, I have two friends that decided they were going to do summer projects this year and for a while I thought to myself, should i? and at first I wasn’t going to do anything but then I thought of all the possibilities. For those who actually are reading this and don’t know, I play the piano. I’ve been playing for 14 years now and I doubt that I’ll ever really stop. It’s been such a major part of my life for so long that I can’t imagine my life without it.
               I’ve decided that I’m going to relearn all my old exam pieces that I can find and try and learn new ones as well. So that means this summer I’ll  be practising because after this when I go to university there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually find a piano that I’m allowed to play or even find the time to play one. I want to get in as much practise from now so that later on, when I’m finally able to go back around a piano, I won’t be completely and utterly lost.
               So, in stating it once and for all, My summer goal is to learn and relearn as many piano pieces as possible in order to broaden my knowledge and playing skills. Now, to those who actually read this, I know it’s probably been a rough year and for the summer you want to either party or just relax, but what is it going to take you to think of one thing that you love to do and that maybe or maybe not you’re good at and just take an hour or so out of the day to do it. At the end of the summer you can at least say you accomplished something whether or not everyone else around you can see what it means, it’ll at least mean something to you. So think about it. Think of that one thing that comes to your mind that you wanted to accomplish this  year but didn’t have the time to because of the work load that was weighing you down (other than watching lots of movies and finishing TV series). Think about it, and then…..just do it.