Wednesday, 18 June 2014


For the mistakes that may appear along your journey of reading this post, i apologise for i am lazy to edit and because of this you have to suffer....

          ADULTS, KEEP YOUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL. I can’t even begin to say how many adults I see with children that are just out of control and considering that I live in Jamaica that’s one too many. In Jamaica, you grow up knowing a saying, ‘if you can’t hear, you’ll feel.’ Now I’m not a big fan of beating children, but every now and then they need to be put in their place and know that you’re the parent and they are the child which means, they don’t question you. What you says goes and you have the final word. Not the other way around where they believe that what they say goes and by them crying they’ll get their own way.

            When I was little, I didn’t really get beaten by my parents, to be honest my father has never laid a hand on me, my mother is another story. But I know why she did it. So I wouldn’t grow up thinking certain things can slide. And for that I’m grateful because to be honest, I’m not spoilt but I’m also taken care of. My mother made me know from a certain age that when she speaks once she doesn’t like having to repeat herself to me and I also don’t speak back cause she’ll knock it right out of me. So when I see the little children nowadays throwing tantrums and their parents giving them what they want I have to look at it and wonder what our world will be like. My mother never condoned things like that. If I’m crying because she won’t give me something that I want but she knows I either don’t need or shouldn’t get she’d either tell me ‘you can bawl, till you bawl blood’ or the famous saying ‘you want me to give you something to cry about?’ That’s my mum, and I’m proud of saying that.

            My dad deals with me different cause he doesn’t like the crying and whenever I cry in front of him he always thinks it’s over foolishness. But one thing both of my parents hate are spoilt children and children who don’t have any manners. I go to my music class, and in order to get to where my teacher is there’s another area before you reach here a lot of the older kids just hang around until it’s our time and the amount of children that will pass us and not say good afternoon or evening….not even a hello, it’s ridiculous. I could never do that!! I don’t think I’ll ever understand how others do it. Manners are a very important thing when it comes to my family. Let me come home one evening and go straight to my room without saying evening to EVERYONE that is in the house and see if I don’t get a piece of tongue lashing! No, it doesn’t work like that. Or let me wake up and not say morning to one person. My parents believe in manners and I can’t blame them. So the generation coming up needs to learn this and you know why they’re not learning it because of their parents. The parents don’t stress on them having to have manners to them and because they don’t show their parents any respect. How do we expect them to have manners to anyone else? I have a little cousin in kindergarten who has a habit of when someone is calling him to just answer yes. He doesn’t go to the person or say something like ‘yes Grandma,’ ‘yes Daddy’ or ‘yes Auntie’ just, yes. And he did it to his teacher one day when my mummy went to pick him up and she put him in his place right there at school. You think I can answer ANYBODY and just say yes and not follow up with his or her name or title or anything like that. My mother would beat me from here to next Sunday. Little things like that is what the parents of the generation needs to look at cause if you don’t teach them from their little how do you expect them to behave when they get older. And then when you’re in your old age you sit in a chair trying to figure out where you went wrong.

Don’t give them everything they WANT if they don’t NEED it.

Demand that they have manners to you and everyone else around, start with them just saying Good Morning even.

Ensure that if you were to leave them somewhere and you came back and were standing with other parents watching your child interact with others whether it be their age or even older, you’d be proud to say to the other parents, ‘that’s my child’’. Following just little things like that make a big difference in this world.

That is all, yes I’m ending it pretty sudden this time.



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