Thursday, 19 December 2013

*sigh* Jamaica, Jamaica

I apologise for any grammatical errors that you may encounter. I do this before almost every post because I really am sorry :(

Well as you guys already know. I’m Jamaican

This then means that I could not have let the time pass without saying my remarks on Tessanne winning The Voice. Now some have said that because she’s Jamaican and not American, she shouldn’t have won. And that I call bull. Why you may ask? Because even here in Jamaica, recently there was a dance competition. A dancehall dance competition and guess who won. Not a Jamaican group but a Japanese group if I’m not mistaken, called ATTACKDEM. Now if persons from international places are allowed to enter, why is there a problem that after weeks and sometimes months of practicing and eliminations that people only have a problem when they win? No, you can’t have it your way all the time. You have to accept that maybe, just maybe, someone outside of your country did better than the ones representing your country and that should be fine as well. As long as the right person wins fairly we should all be happy about it. And she won this fair and square so congrats to you Tessanne. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight and let no one bring you down, you deserve this and more.

Another thing, now as a Jamaican, I can say that we as a people are not always united. And a lot of us talk about going away and never coming back. We talk about how we hate our country and all we do is suffer. My response is, who doesn’t suffer? Going to another country doesn’t mean that we’re magically going to be alright. Going to another country doesn’t magically make everything that was wrong before turn out perfect. NO. It takes hard-work and dedication for things to turn out right, and that is what we need to learn as a people. The only time we actually are proud to be Jamaican is when one is recognized internationally and really, what kind of Jamaican pride is that? We just celebrated our 50th year of independence just last year and we were so happy then! Then it passed and everyone went back to their old ‘I hate Jamaica’ ways. Bolt won the Olympics and we were all like ‘Yup I’m a Jamaican’ Shelly-Ann won and it was the same thing. Yohan, Warren, Asafa, Veronica, Nesta, keron, etc. all proved themselves internationally and we own up to the Jamaican brand. But if nothing happens then we don’t own up to the name…why? Now Tessanne has proved herself internationally and everyone is calling her name but how many of us remembered or even KNEW that before The Voice, was Jamaica. And she lived here for so many ways and she tried to get recognized here as well…not many. And why is that? Why was it that she had to go to America for more than half of her home country to notice her?

That’s another thing! I have a question and not for just the Jamaican people but also the people that head all the different organizations in this country. What is wrong with recognizing people before they become big and recognized internationally? I mean really, it really pains my heart to see this time and time again. And this wasn’t the first case. One of the first people it happened to (that I know of) was Bob Marley. The Bob Marley. How many people know that bob Marley wasn’t actually ‘given a chance’ if a may say so, in Jamaica. He had to go overseas to be recognized because people weren’t giving his music a chance cause it was different. But when he left and became recognized, Jamaica owned up to him. The same thing happened to a classical pianist recently. I really think you should read it and I supported his decision 100% Here’s a link from the Jamaican gleaner:

In another article, I’m assuming there was a response from the Office of the Prime Minister. Here’s the link, also from the Jamaican Gleaner, for their response:

Well, I think I’ll shut up now before someone gets really offended. That’s what I have to say. I think Jamaica and Jamaicans need a wake-up call we need to be united on everything as much as possible, sports, music, POLITICS. We need to come together and be able to be civil about certain matters. Know that there’s a time and place for everything but that within all of that stay true to your culture. Don’t look down on others ‘cause they have less and don’t assume because certain people have money that they think that they’re better than you. We’re all equal in God’s eyes and we all sin. So lend a hand when you can and if you see someone with talent don’t just continue to make them suffer. If you think they can make it in that industry and you can help, help them.

So yea, that’s it

Saturday, 14 December 2013

2 Months To Go

I apologise in advance, like always for any grammatical errors I may have made in typing this up. I admittedly did this in a slight rush and so haven't spell checked it, so here you go.

In 2 months I’m turning 18. The big legal age!! But what I want to do for my birthday isn’t really the regular things that most 18 year olds want to do. I don’t want to go out to a club or go have an alcoholic drink for the first time at a legal age, what I really want is a birthday party. And I’m not talking about the usual, dressing up, putting on make-up and having a fancy party. No. I’m talking about something a tad more childish, or just a whole heap more childish.

I want a party where I can have a movie marathon, a piƱata, and a water fight. A water fight with things like water guns, water balloons...even just buckets of water and something to scoop it up with. I know, for an 18 year old it doesn’t sound like the most ‘mature’ thing to do ever. A lot of people would call me crazy or just stupid. The time to do something completely new or something of that sort and I want a party fit for 6 year olds. I’m sorry butwait, scratch that. I’m not sorry. Why should I be sorry for something that I want to do? Why should I care that someone else things that for an 18 year old I might be being just a little bit childish. Um, no.

It would just be me and a medium size group of friends where we’ll have a water fight and then we’d sit down, watch like a zillion movies while eating cake, popcorn, sweets, and just feasting to our hearts content. And even though all I ever say is that I have 3 friends, I’d like to believe that I have more and a good amount of them would do this with me. I mean, everyone needs to bring out their inner child and when else would be the perfect time?

But anyways, I need to go cause I need to get ready cause I’m actually going out tonight. *gasps* I know, I’m leaving my houseat night! But it’s actually a dinner for school, and even though I’m not big on dressing up I like to feel pretty too. So this is my night, to put on a dress, put on my ridiculously high heels, especially for an already tall person, leave my yard and go enjoy myself (I hope). So off I go to get ready, and even though I pride myself on being able to get ready quickly, this might just take a while.