Thursday, 19 June 2014


You know the drill by now, I'm not perfect and because of this i make mistakes...

            Now, some time ago I started writing a blog post on girls/women….basically females in general but I’ve yet to finish it enough to post, so when I saw this topic I thought it’d be a semi-good idea. At the end after I get feedback from this post I’ll tell you (maybe) if it was a good idea.

            Now, the question at hand is, how do women use social media? I can’t talk for every girl but I can speak of me and my friends. Let’s take YouTube first (Is YouTube even considered a social media? I don’t know). I use YouTube for the YouTubers, I love them. I enjoy watching most of their videos now depending on the girl, her subscription list may be different. A lot of girls watch beauty videos, i.e. how to put on make-up or they may watch how to put together an outfit. It all depends on the person. But there’s also other things that everyone goes on YouTube for. Music videos, tv shows, movies, trailers, comedy, even school work(cause during exam time my suggestions from YouTube are all educational videos)….there’s a lot of things on YouTube that one can look at and just like boys we may go on one thing and then end up at a video completely opposite of what you were watching first.

            Now, on to things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some girls if not many actually just use some of these to socialise or get to know people. Me I’m different, I mainly use twitter and the only reason I go on the other c=social media is to look at what others are doing. Although it may not seem like it sometimes, girls are major stalkers. Especially if they like a guy, they find out all of his social media names and she’s looked through all your pictures and videos and anything you’ve ever been tagged to. By the time she actually talks to you (if she ever doess) she knows everything there is to know about you. Your middle name, your birthday, your sign, your best friend, your favourite type of music, your favourite colour…..EVERYTHING!! Girls are t he best at finding out information that’s why it’s never advised to lie to a girl….we know it all! And this is why, when we want to find something out, we’re determined to do anything possible in order to get the information that we want. Never underestimate the power a girl has.

            So from this post, it basically looks like girls are creeps but maybe this is just me. So don’t take my word for it. Everyone is different maybe my friends and I just have problems….who knows.

Enjoy the rest of your day anyways



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