Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What it's like

I may have made some grammatical errors cause I'm not an English major and I'm still human, but here are my thoughts on this. But first a video:

I was watching this video and it spoke to me on so many different levels. Sure I’m almost positive I’ve done a post like this before but what’s stopping me from doing it again. In the video these women talk about what it’s like to be a woman at night. And many times I don’t think some guys take us seriously. And the funny thing is it’s always the nice guys, or the ones that most time can never imagine this happening because they’d never do it themselves. And for that, I am truly grateful to know that there are still men around that don’t believe in things like this happening, that it shouldn’t be happening. However, it does

       As a female myself, walking ALONE at night is and forever will be one of the most frightening things that you can do. To me it’s almost like taking risk with your life. Why, some may ask. Because you never know what may happen. Sure, we like to say we’re big and bad and we can take care of ourselves. And for the most part, those of us that say we can, actually can. But what happens when we encounter someone who is so much more physically stronger than us or threatens us with a weapon. What next? No matter what we may say at some point we are weaker. We might not like to admit or even refuse but there comes a point where you have to acknowledge that we are not stronger than some opponent is. And though some of us refuse to say it, others both think it and say it. And many of those are men. Some who take great joy in trying to hurt us or show their dominance over us and the way in which they go about this is what is most frightening. That is what scares us. Not them sitting down and trying to have a logical conversation, no. Them deciding that it is there duty to sneak up on us and attack. That we are the more vulnerable and so we’re easier to attack and get what they want. Whether it be money, items of value or even sex, they decide that they must take it by force and what easier way than to attack a woman who is physically weaker than I am and will most likely not fight back.

       As someone who does not live in the minds of those who choose to do these acts, I honestly cannot say that this is what they think. This is only what I think they would think. If that makes any sense to you. And so I use this as my platform just to speak of this. Some say, you have to take action and I say, that can only get you so far. I go to a university where I stay on an all-female hall and before school was out for the year, we had a self-defence lesson. Many of us were excited because they saw the necessity of this session and we were able to have persons come in and teach us how to defend ourselves when it came to certain situations. For that session, I was truly grateful but after realised, that no matter what we are taught and how much it means to us at the moment it is not until we are put in the situation where we’ll have to use those skills that it truly matters. Many of us hope we’ll never have to, and some don’t. But not all of us are as lucky. Up to last night I stepped out for a few minutes to go buy something and while walking I heard someone behind me and because I was alone, I started walking faster. To be honest with you I became terrified and thought up every possible scenario in my head. I may have overreacted, I don’t know. What I do know is that as a female, I feel more vulnerable going out at night by myself. I can’t speak for males because I honestly don’t know if they go through the same thing but guys always wonder, why girls go to the bathroom together and never by themselves, well maybe that mentality might add to it.
  I’m not trying to paint women as weak here, I’m just trying to shed some light on a certain situation, maybe I didn’t bring it across effectively, maybe I did. I don’t know. I’m just typing as these thoughts come along. I hope you were able to either get something from this or even feel like you’re not alone when it comes to certain situations. Either way, I hope this made a difference to someone.



13 Things

I think I posted a video similar to this one some time ago. But yet it never ceases to amaze me what as women we go through. Take a look