Monday, 16 June 2014


I apologise for any errors that you may encounter along your journey of reading....

So, I’ve officially finished the fault in our stars and to be honest I had been putting off reading it for a while. I have a friend that gives me books cause she  has ton loads of them and she gave me this one as well. Now considering that my exams are not yet over but almost are, I decided, why not? It couldn’t hurt that much right? Wrong!!!
I started reading this book on a Friday while I was on my way into Kingston for a national competition and the tears that just wanted to burst while I was sitting in the back of my friend’s dad’s car was just unbelievable!! And I hadn’t even reached chapter 5!!!!! From then I should of known that it could only go downhill from there. But no, I didn’t stop there. After the competition when we came back for a Chem class, we reached back early so we went to his house where I played a couple car racing games and went back to reading the book. Thank the Father above I was alone at the moment cause I just started bawling right then and there and I just couldn’t stop!!!
John Green, what is this that you said you have done to me?!? And now I’m suppose to go watch that movie in the theatres with my friends? I don’t think so. Y’all ain’t ready for me to cry in public (FYI, I’m not a cute crier, I just get uglier and uglier). After watching so many of his react videos and vlogs with his brother, John Green just made me shed some major tears that I can’t even begin to explain. And this is why I’ll probably never understand why people don’t like to read. I think it’s amazing because think of all the major possibilities that run through your head whil reading that one sentence, and then your brain just magically decides to pick one picture and that is now what you have envisioned for that one sentence. It’s amazing and it never ceases to amaze me and I highly doubt it ever really will.
Anyways, long story short, the book is amazingly written even if there were some words that I just did not understand. I’m grateful for people like John Green and all the people that have read his work and people like them because they keep the reading community still alive. It goes to show that not everyone prefers to TV shows or movies to the book. Reading opens up a whole new world that I honestly believe that we should all be privy to. So pick up a book once in a while and read something that you’re not required to read for school cause it’s an amazing world to get lost in and for some people it may just be your escape from the world for a measly few minutes a day.



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