Thursday, 19 December 2013

*sigh* Jamaica, Jamaica

I apologise for any grammatical errors that you may encounter. I do this before almost every post because I really am sorry :(

Well as you guys already know. I’m Jamaican

This then means that I could not have let the time pass without saying my remarks on Tessanne winning The Voice. Now some have said that because she’s Jamaican and not American, she shouldn’t have won. And that I call bull. Why you may ask? Because even here in Jamaica, recently there was a dance competition. A dancehall dance competition and guess who won. Not a Jamaican group but a Japanese group if I’m not mistaken, called ATTACKDEM. Now if persons from international places are allowed to enter, why is there a problem that after weeks and sometimes months of practicing and eliminations that people only have a problem when they win? No, you can’t have it your way all the time. You have to accept that maybe, just maybe, someone outside of your country did better than the ones representing your country and that should be fine as well. As long as the right person wins fairly we should all be happy about it. And she won this fair and square so congrats to you Tessanne. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight and let no one bring you down, you deserve this and more.

Another thing, now as a Jamaican, I can say that we as a people are not always united. And a lot of us talk about going away and never coming back. We talk about how we hate our country and all we do is suffer. My response is, who doesn’t suffer? Going to another country doesn’t mean that we’re magically going to be alright. Going to another country doesn’t magically make everything that was wrong before turn out perfect. NO. It takes hard-work and dedication for things to turn out right, and that is what we need to learn as a people. The only time we actually are proud to be Jamaican is when one is recognized internationally and really, what kind of Jamaican pride is that? We just celebrated our 50th year of independence just last year and we were so happy then! Then it passed and everyone went back to their old ‘I hate Jamaica’ ways. Bolt won the Olympics and we were all like ‘Yup I’m a Jamaican’ Shelly-Ann won and it was the same thing. Yohan, Warren, Asafa, Veronica, Nesta, keron, etc. all proved themselves internationally and we own up to the Jamaican brand. But if nothing happens then we don’t own up to the name…why? Now Tessanne has proved herself internationally and everyone is calling her name but how many of us remembered or even KNEW that before The Voice, was Jamaica. And she lived here for so many ways and she tried to get recognized here as well…not many. And why is that? Why was it that she had to go to America for more than half of her home country to notice her?

That’s another thing! I have a question and not for just the Jamaican people but also the people that head all the different organizations in this country. What is wrong with recognizing people before they become big and recognized internationally? I mean really, it really pains my heart to see this time and time again. And this wasn’t the first case. One of the first people it happened to (that I know of) was Bob Marley. The Bob Marley. How many people know that bob Marley wasn’t actually ‘given a chance’ if a may say so, in Jamaica. He had to go overseas to be recognized because people weren’t giving his music a chance cause it was different. But when he left and became recognized, Jamaica owned up to him. The same thing happened to a classical pianist recently. I really think you should read it and I supported his decision 100% Here’s a link from the Jamaican gleaner:

In another article, I’m assuming there was a response from the Office of the Prime Minister. Here’s the link, also from the Jamaican Gleaner, for their response:

Well, I think I’ll shut up now before someone gets really offended. That’s what I have to say. I think Jamaica and Jamaicans need a wake-up call we need to be united on everything as much as possible, sports, music, POLITICS. We need to come together and be able to be civil about certain matters. Know that there’s a time and place for everything but that within all of that stay true to your culture. Don’t look down on others ‘cause they have less and don’t assume because certain people have money that they think that they’re better than you. We’re all equal in God’s eyes and we all sin. So lend a hand when you can and if you see someone with talent don’t just continue to make them suffer. If you think they can make it in that industry and you can help, help them.

So yea, that’s it

Saturday, 14 December 2013

2 Months To Go

I apologise in advance, like always for any grammatical errors I may have made in typing this up. I admittedly did this in a slight rush and so haven't spell checked it, so here you go.

In 2 months I’m turning 18. The big legal age!! But what I want to do for my birthday isn’t really the regular things that most 18 year olds want to do. I don’t want to go out to a club or go have an alcoholic drink for the first time at a legal age, what I really want is a birthday party. And I’m not talking about the usual, dressing up, putting on make-up and having a fancy party. No. I’m talking about something a tad more childish, or just a whole heap more childish.

I want a party where I can have a movie marathon, a piƱata, and a water fight. A water fight with things like water guns, water balloons...even just buckets of water and something to scoop it up with. I know, for an 18 year old it doesn’t sound like the most ‘mature’ thing to do ever. A lot of people would call me crazy or just stupid. The time to do something completely new or something of that sort and I want a party fit for 6 year olds. I’m sorry butwait, scratch that. I’m not sorry. Why should I be sorry for something that I want to do? Why should I care that someone else things that for an 18 year old I might be being just a little bit childish. Um, no.

It would just be me and a medium size group of friends where we’ll have a water fight and then we’d sit down, watch like a zillion movies while eating cake, popcorn, sweets, and just feasting to our hearts content. And even though all I ever say is that I have 3 friends, I’d like to believe that I have more and a good amount of them would do this with me. I mean, everyone needs to bring out their inner child and when else would be the perfect time?

But anyways, I need to go cause I need to get ready cause I’m actually going out tonight. *gasps* I know, I’m leaving my houseat night! But it’s actually a dinner for school, and even though I’m not big on dressing up I like to feel pretty too. So this is my night, to put on a dress, put on my ridiculously high heels, especially for an already tall person, leave my yard and go enjoy myself (I hope). So off I go to get ready, and even though I pride myself on being able to get ready quickly, this might just take a while.

Friday, 29 November 2013


I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors that may appear within this post for I have not proof read it and so Im warning you before you read it because you might encounter some errors that may make you question my schooling

Now, after asking a few friends what to write about I decided that I would do this one first.

University. The majority of us want to go to university. Some of us will be the first in our family to go, others may be the second and for some its just normal that after high school, you go to university. No matter what the case most of us believe that by going to a university/college, well be able to make our lives better and get some of the things that weve always wantedmyself included.

Now, what I dont understand is why it is that the way how university is priced is that only the rich and famous are able to get in. I mean really I know that some of our parents have been saving for our university tuition for years now and yet some of them are still unable to pay for even the first years tuition according to what we want to do...why is this?

Why is it that for the average person living with an average family it is next to impossible to afford tuition? I mean, I dont expect it to be completely free or on the verge of it but are you seriously telling me that the price that is set for university tuition is taking into account those whose parents dont have million dollar jobs...can they honestly say that?

Sure, some might be saying You dont know how much it is to run a university and though that may be true shouldnt it be the goal, of especially all countries, to try and ensure that as many of their citizens are able to qualify for the jobs they want, to be able to earn enough money and eventually and hopefully invest in their home country?

I cant seem to wrap my mind around the fact that the majority of people in a country are unable to afford college/university tuition, myself included. When I think of what I want to study and the amount of money it will cost my parents I have to wonder, why must it be like this? And Im not talking about any specific course in particular. Look at so many of the professions out there today, medicine, law, mass comm., engineering, nursing, etc. all these professions and half of the students at university now, their parents...or even them, are struggling and squeezing every penny in order to try and pay school fees.

Dont even get me started on scholarships because even though they are available so many people want them and very often, so little are given out and not saying that there are people worse off than some and that they dont deserve it but Im saying even though say I have absolutely no money and someone else has just a tad bit more than me and were both equally involved in our communities and school and we got the same grades...even though the other person cant afford it either, Ill get the one ever thinks of the others who apply but dont get through. How will they pay for their school fee as well?

But enough about that, the last thing I have to say when it comes to this topic is...after spending all of that money to study in university/college, can you imagine coming out of school and not being able to find a job? with things like student loans to pay back and needing to eat and have shelter, after youve scraped up all that money to go to university, study your butt off and get your degree only to go out into the working world and be told by every person that they have no jobs availablewhat are you supposed to do then?

If anyone would like to enlighten me on anything that Ive spoken about, feel free to do so because everyone has an opinion and unless you make your voice be heard, how can you ever expect anything to change? So speak up and be heard...try and make a difference.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Why Chivalry is Dead

I've been reading a lot of these elite daily articles a lot, even though they mostly have nothing to do with me but i like the opinions of those that write them so why not. This one i thought was interesting and though it is short, it did come from a male's perspective so have a look and see

Why Chivalry is Dead, A Man's Perspective

There was also a post written that lead me to this's the link of a female's prospective on a few related things

Why Men don't have Balls Anymore

Instead of posting a million and one different posts i'll just put more links for the other posts i'm reading:

Hidden Qualities in Mr Right
Love/Hate Relationship Every Woman has with her Period
Why he doesn't like you back
Things We Think are ok to do on our periods

xoxo :)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Bookworm is the Keeper!

Now i also found this link and I don't know why I'm finding all of these today but this also got to me and i just want to cry. I think it's sweet and something different than what you usually read or hear about in today's society. So seeing things like this written in today's generation just gives me hope that maybe all isn't lost.

Why you should date a girl who reads

I don't know about anybody else but i loved it. Be free to share what you also think about it

xoxo :)

Girls Who Read

If I could find someone who believes in this as well, I'd be a happy, happy girl. but lo and behold, I've yet to find my prince charming, who likes a girl who reads *sigh*

But i still have faith, that one day, i'll find the guy perfect for me and me perfect for him. and we'll laugh about all the times before and after we met. Then one day, i'll pause, only to realise that finally I really did get my happily ever after.

xoxo :)

I'm Sorry

It's been a while since my last post and I'm not even sure why...i guess you could say i just couldn't think of anything to talk about :/ But i found this link about 100 things every 20-something needs to realise. and though i'm not 20 i thought someone might find it helpful

That's about it for now though....I promise I'll try my best to write something this week...

xoxo :)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Differences

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors I might have

A couple of friends and I were talking today and it kind of amazed me how differently males and females think.. And Im not even talking about the obvious differences. I thought, sure, we have certain things that we all think differently about but my gosh, its such a wide gap.
Take the topic of females cooking. One of the guys said, well we fix the cars, mow the lawn, etc so why cant you do the cooking washing and cleaning. A girl replied by saying, well nobody asked you to, I can get a gardener and a mechanic. One person pointed out that back in the old days, males and females used to share for example the cooking. So the woman can cook tonight and the man the next. That is something Im totally agreeable with but dont comment in a conversation like this about how girls nowadays arent willing to cook. No, get it right, some of us are willing BUT its likely that if we do, youll take advantage of it and demand that we cook every night and I am not about that life.

Sharing responsibilities is something that I expect with every relationship, me taking on the bulk of the work or even the house work because Im female is not going to be an excuse for you to fix the car every 5 years or mow the lawn every few weeks. No it doesnt work like that. You enter into relationship with rights, and during that relationship, the rights must not automatically disappear. And why is it that nowadays, all I ever hear is is if you dont feed your man hell either cheat or leave. So what youre telling me is that basically, if I dont cook every night wash and clean, that my man will leave? Nah, if hes really that small minded, Id like to know why were married to begin with. He needs to know, memorise and learn the word SHARE!

Another thing that came up was the whole divorce and marrying for money. Now, Im not going to lie, most of us girls want a man with money. Why? Because were high maintenance. Theres no way of going around that, we are (and any girl that tells you otherwise is lying). There is at least one thing in this world that we will spend a lot of money on and be over joyed. And with that one thing or those things, we dont want to feel guilty that were going to have to starve for the rest of the month. So when we say we want a man with money, yes were telling the truth, but most of us wont only marry for money. Personality actually does matter because if you have money but youre mean as hell and want to lift your hand against me, Im dropping you faster than you can say hot pocket. 

Also, no matter how you try to pretty it up, looks do matter. If a girl thinks youre ugly, then she thinks youre ugly. She should give you a chance because, you may never know they could be the sweetest person youll ever meet, but lets not all kid ourselves by saying looks dont matter. Especially with guys. You guys always have something specific that you like about girls and if shes ugly you probably wont ever look in her direction.

As I was saying, though. I hear a lot of girls say, they want to marry a rich man, but if things go south, theyre taking at least half of his money, but if they go into a relationship and theyre earning more money than him, they want a prenup. Well, I look at it like this, if you marry a rich man and he cheats and you want a divorce, youre entitled to at least half of everything. Simple as that. But if you cheat and want a divorce, keep yourself quiet and take what you get (if you get anything) cause youre in the wrong. Now, I was trying to explain to my friends that the only reason, Id ask for my future husband to sign a prenup, is if I really loved him, he had no money and no ambition. I mean, come on. Love is nice and all but you have to have ambition. Now if I loved him, he had no money but he had ambition and was working towards a successful goal then fine, no prenup but you have to be realistic if you enter into a relationship with a whole heap of money. So many people get screwed over just because of blind love. If the fact that Im marrying you and you have no money or ambition, I must love you a whole heap to begin with but prenup it shall be. But if I can see that you actually plan on doing something with your life then fine. We can work together.  

Well, comment if you wantwhich you probably wontand tell me what you think about the whole thing

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So I was watching this video and just had to share it with.whoever. I think it’s so accurate. So yeah.enjoy.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


How rare is it in this day and age for a guy to just stop and let you pass when walking? How often has a guy, who’s not your boyfriend, opened a door for you just to be polite? Maybe this just happens to me ‘cause people don’t like me but it rarely happens. And when I look at our generation, I think that it’s very sad. How hard is it for a guy to open a door and then stand back and allow you to pass without any ulterior motives?
Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. I know a few guys who still do that, even for girls they don’t know and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever. Especially when they’re really humble about it. I sometimes hear guys ask what they get from opening a door or even doing little things for girls. And my response is, the satisfaction of knowing that you still have some redeeming qualities. I mean really, how far in life do you think ‘swag’ will get you? How much respect do you think that you’ll get? Please, re-evaluate your life.

Now I'm not saying that guys are the only ones that need to re-evaluate their lives. As a girl I can honestly say, sometimes we don’t act like ‘ladies’. A lot of us are feminists but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I also don’t see anything wrong with wanting to be pampered every now and then. Some of us are more sensitive than others. At no point in time do I think that girls will fully understand boys nor will boys fully understand girls but I don’t think we were meant to. I think we still need to surprise each other every now and then.

Back to the ladies issue though. Some of us really don’t behave as well as we should, I can admit that. I mean sure we curse, and scream and stomp our feet like 5 years old but most of us are good. We just have our moments that just make us a little bit more vicious than usual.

Long story short. Both sexes can improve on certain things that we do. And we can all learn something from one another, so just try to be a better person all round.

Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm Sorry

I promised you a post on gentlemen but i've been really busy with school work and stuff. I know, it's a crazy thought that i actually do work but i need to to get into university so the posts are slow. But in the meantime while you wait on my opinions about Gentlemen, look at the video Gentleman by The Saturdays. Great song that sums up a lot about our a way


Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well would you believe that since that last post my laptop has been gone so that's the reason for my lack of updates but my next post should be about GENTLEMEN so look out for that.....if anyone even reads this :/

So yea, later

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Me and Insecurities

And I know what you're probably thinking right about now....It's not always about you!!! Well right now and on this blog, if I want it to be about me, it's about me. So you can either deal with it or leave. I could honestly care less.

I've come to a major realisation and though i'm sure people close to me have figured this out already, I've yet to be able to accept certain things. 

I'm really insecure.

And i'm not talking about the insecure where someone gives you a compliment and you blush and say, oh no while giggling, i'm the type where i'll get a compliment and laugh and probably ask if your drunk followed by insulting myself. I honestly don't see what others see when it comes to me. I know i have personal issues like everyone else but sometimes I honestly believe that I take it to another level and really how many people are like that?

I'm hoping not a lot because i wouldn't wish this on a single soul cause honestly it's not a good feeling to always feel that you're ugly or fat or unwanted or annoying or anything negative at all. For example, I play the piano and I'm currently attempting to do the Canada Conservatory thingy and people say wow when i tell them which grade i'm in but when someone compliments me on my playing, I have a habit of just pouring out every mistake that i did. And I mean EVERY mistake. I don't know why that is, but i just do it.

I'm one of those girls that aren't skinny, but i'm also not fat in the sense that i'd need a wheel chair to roll me out of the house either...i just have insecurity issues and really, which girl doesn't have them? We all have them at one point in our lives and that is something i'm absolutely positive about.

My insecurities have reached to a point where I no longer initiate conversation with certain people....AT ALL. I just can't do it. Why? Because too many times have happened when i've done that and the person pretended like i didn't even exist, even when i was right in front of them. This has led to me now seeing a person, knowing them fairly well to say hi but instead staring them dead straight in the eyes and not saying a word, all because i believe that they should say something to me first. That problem has probably led me to not liking people very much and having such limited friends.

Some days I sit and talk on the phone with one of my best friends for literally hours and smack in the middle of the conversation i'll just stop and tell her that i'm just perplexed at why she even talks to me cause i'm sure that there could be something else that she could be doing that would be better.(Yes i also think i'm not worth people's time...sue me)

I know i'm not the only one with insecurities but this was just floating around in my head and since no one ever reads this anyway, where's a better place to post it where there's no judgement involved :D

Note to the wise, never call a kid fat, cause it will scar them for life, whether you meant it to or not


Sunday, 2 June 2013

To My Future Husband

Now as I sit in my room at the age of 17, I think to myself will I even have a husband but who's to tell.

Anyways if I do and you actually get to see this...I'm sorry. Why am I sorry? Because you have to put up with my sorry ass for as long as we both shall live. That must be real painful.

Now to others I'm not saying that I'm an absolute horrible person that no living creature would want to be around but I'm not exactly the person that everyone loves either. And who would want to be. If everyone loves you that must mean you're obviously doing something wrong. I'm just me and if people don't like it, well that's their problem but I still have friends who I love and adore and will always consider them family.

Once again, 'future husband' if you're reading this then you should probably know me pretty well by now but just in case somethings have changed I'll give you a brief run down of who I am.

I was born February 14 and honestly if you ever forget my birthday I don't know what powers on this planet could make me forgive you because I think it's pretty easy and simple to remember....just saying. I am a hopeless romantic and I'm not sure why because at this current time it is true that I've never had a boyfriend much less been on a date. Besides those simple facts though I really do believe in love and not the normal lovey-dovey type that you see on tv either. The one that you know and feel, deep down in your soul that even though I want to rip his throat out sometimes...I could never live without him. Strange. I know but that's how I feel.

Something you may want to know as well. Maybe by the time I've gotten married I've discovered a love for the kitchen and cooking but at this current time, that has not happened. I literally live on ramen and i'm not even in university yet. I don't like cooking. I really don't and when forced to feed myself I'd rather prepare something quick and easy. I can do simple breakfast and sandwiches but if you want rice and peas and chicken and the I don't know why but I just refuse to even think about it.

I'm also one of those girls who have never thought about her wedding. And i'm not even joking on this won. I have friends who have thought out every single detail possible but i'm still stuck on the stage where i'm sitting there confused saying 'What?' I don't know why this is and often i think to myself maybe there's something wrong with me but then I get over that thought pretty quickly. I'm just different and there's nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing. Everyone can't be the same cause then where would the excitement and unexpected be?

Another thing I think I should add before leaving is that unlike many girls, my room isn't the tidiest. And i go days hearing friends saying how untidy their room is then describing it and me thinking to myself 'Compared to mine, that's heaven' I honestly don't know why it is but that's just the way it is. Sure I have my moments when I go on a complete random cleaning spree but other than those rare moments, I'm a complete mess. But so is my life and that's ok because people love you for who you are no matter what you think about romance or how bad a condition your room is constantly in. People love you for who you are and that's something I'd never like to forget.

So as I leave, even if i don't end up having a husband cause no one can put up with my quirks, that's ok cause I'll still have family, whether they're blood related or not and they'll always love me and SOME of my quirks cause let'e be honest. There's not one family member that likes ALL of your habits.



Monday, 27 May 2013

I Miss You

I miss you. I don't tell you and I try my best not to show it but deep down, I miss you. I miss your smile. Your laugh, your smell, everything about you. I don't know what I'd do without you half of the times so i don't know how i manage to go about my days pretending like their normal when I don't get the chance to see you everyday.

And though I miss you, I sometimes wonder, Do you miss me? Do you even remember me at all. Do you ever think of me or my smile, or even my laugh. I sometimes think, that even though I miss you with every bone in my body, that I'm not even in the back of your mind and that quite frankly scares me.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Best Friends

I have these all the time and we're constantly having them over the phone. Honestly, I don't know why she even bothers to tolerate me but i'm glad she does because without her I honestly wouldn't have any friends. Cause my other best friends are nowhere near at the moment. Everyone has flown the nest and it's such a depressing fact but life goes on and with it we have new memories so I'll cherish the time we have now and hope that in the future we won't grow apart either :D


Saturday, 25 May 2013

5 Facts About Me

1. Like the picture above, I can't touch my toes without bending my knees or just's just not possible for me :P

2.I can't peel an orange. Now before you go all crazy on me, I can do it to a certain extent but you know that perfect peeling things that your mum always does, I can't do it. And if i can't do it like that I always think to myself. Why bother?

3. I am one of the most anti-social people you'll ever meet. I tend to be very awkward when I'm put into a situation when i have to make human contact with someone I'm not familiar with and it makes it painful for both me and the other person. I apologise in advance if i'll ever see you face-to-face.

4. I am absolutely in love with technology. I'm one of those persons that find technology to be a wonderful thing that I often think i can't live without. I believe that we all need to wake up and step out into a new world where technology has made life easier for us. Don't get me wrong though, somethings we still should do the old fashioned way and we still need to use our brains.

5. When I consider you a friend, I like to think of myself as loyal and trustworthy. Sure I have my moments when the words that come out of my mouth aren't appropriate for certain situations but i really do mean well. If i consider you my best friend, there is absolutely nothing other than you doing something really terrible that could make me turn my back on you because i believe there was something that made me consider you a best friend to begin with. So that quality must still be in there somewhere. no matter how far we may drift apart.

Well, that's just about it. I have nothing left to say so until next time :P and so i leave you with this


I've been called a nerd countless times but my only response is. Should that bother me. Being a nerd isn't something to be ashamed of, it really isn't. So why is it that when people are called nerds they get all emotional and depressed. Smile. Be glad because one day that same person who called you a nerd, you'll be writing their pay check. So don't take it the wrong way. Take it as a compliment and skip along


Friday, 24 May 2013

Queen of Vagina

So, I've finally watched more than half of the video called 'Queen of Vagina' and my only question is. Why?

Why have we subjected our generation to this kind of music. Why is that this is what our music has come to?  I mean really, why is it that the most used words in this song is, vagina, penis and sex? We've gone from greats in the industry to people who sing about how wet and juicy their vagina is...really? We should be ashamed of ourselves cause this is disgusting and unbelievable. 

Never in a million years did i think that this would come out. And i'm sure many of the great musicians in the world probably didn't think that music would come to this point....I'm just in absolute complete shock right now and I think someone needs to give this lady a reality check cause she just embarrassed herself on the internet and once that video has been put on it, it will never go away. Cause somewhere out there, some has saved this video to their hard drvie and if anyone was actually brave enough, they have a hard copy. 

It's sad what our world has come to and i only hope that the few good remaining artistes left in this world let their light shine so that we can all see. There's still a little hope, no matter how small.


Monday, 20 May 2013


So, Bio Paper II is now over and though it could have been worse, I still didn't like the exam. What I've realised with all my exams so far though is that maybe if i studied a little more for detail instead of general knowledge, I would have passed with even more flying colours but because of that, I'm not sure of what my grades will end up to be.

One thing I don't like to predict though is what my grade will be. No! I don't do that because you never know what could happen. Suppose I tell people, "that was so easy i got an easy I", and then end up with a V,  I'd just about die and I couldn't manage that embarrassment. I really couldn't.

But while I sit here and type I have Chemistry Paper I tomorrow, so off I am to try and do something productive when it comes to multiple choice :D

xoxo :*

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Every year we go through them and every year we tell ourselves that next year we'll be more prepared. Then summer comes and we forget all about that promise. Me? I'm currently doing CAPE and while I have an exam tomorrow morning at 9:00 I am making this blog post :D

Every time I would take up a book to study, I'd always find something more interesting to do and boy am i regretting that now. I'd always find a song to listen to, a video to watch, or I'd just be on a social network. but guess what, those things can't help me now because now that the exam is the following morning, I'm screwed...Twice over

Sunday, 3 March 2013

That feeling

Do you ever have that feeling when you just want a hug? And not a regular hug, a hug that just makes you feel warm and nice inside cause you're feeling so cold. A hug that makes you smile and think to yourself, this is what life is made up. This is why I'm still here, because of people like this that just give you those hugs that make your day.

Or those hugs that lift you off the ground and spin you into a totally different world. The hug that makes you feel wanted and needed in this world. Right now, I need one of these hugs and if i could find one person that could give me at least one of these hugs, it'd make my week.

From one girl to you, enjoy your days and be happy. Have as much fun now as you possibly can because when it comes to crunch time, you'll find out who really is a friend. So choose the people that are around you wisely.

-Mia xoxo

It's a New Month

It's a new month and yet i still haven't figured out what i can really donate this blog to and in the future when i look back at these posts i'm going to laugh so hard that I won't be able to breathe. It's rough to think of things to say but i just don't know what to say so I leave it and whoever reads this to just suggest something....anything
Ok, later then I guess..

-Mia xoxo

Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Day

It's a new day in a new year and we're almost finished with February. Though i hate to see my month go, the year must go on and summer must come. I've been trying my best to remember about this blog but truth be told it's a lot to remember considering that i've got a lot of school work to do. The workload just seems to get bigger and bigger each day and I don't know how i'll manage.

Today, I finally got my birthday present from my dad. A brand new laptop. It's not a mac but i still love it cause he really didn't have to get one for me :D It even has a webcam, yes i'm prehistoric. My old one was that old that it didn't have one....but now i gots one and I'm glad.

Even though i know no one ever reads this, if you do give me your thoughts on just about any topic. I'm still trying to think about important issues to right about that will make a difference so if you have any ideas, please send them on :D

nice talk. and remember, something from a great movie.....You is smart, you is kind, you is important...never forget that


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Photo A Day

For the days that I do remember I do the photo a day challenge and today is Day 17 and you're suppose to take a picture of something in your i took a picture of a pen in my hand. Dedicated to the work i plan on doing today :D

So until the next time i remember to post this photo a day challenge thing....later :)

- xoxo Mia

Ghetto Lullaby

These lines were just too funny I had to share :D

"Rock a by baby on the tree top, get out the hood or you will get shot. When you get shot then your ass will fall and down will go nigga bullet and all"

So yeah, that's all, just thought i'd share that :P

Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Well, as you guys can probably tell, yesterday was valentine's day and also MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Bet you didn't see that one coming :P But yea, on a serious note it was and though you may not know, I had no valentine...I never do but I'm ok with that. Perfectly fine. Honestly I really don't even know what to say in this post so Here's the deal just check out my twitter my name's @Mummy_Panda I know not what else to say to you so later :D

ANd even though this picture has nothing to do with my post i thought i'd put it here anyways :P So later peeps...assuming anyone even reads this.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well once again I'm here....maybe I'll post on this like at least once every week. I think that's reasonable since I don't get online that much. So that's the plan, I'll post at least once every week, so untill later......Take care :D

Sunday, 13 January 2013


So I'm back, not with much to say though. I have nothing really to talk about but because i said i'd try and update as much as possible here I am. I think what I'll do is try and find topics to talk about so that it'll be easier to update so other than that till next time. And if you're reading and have any suggestions don't be afraid to tell me

Saturday, 12 January 2013


No matter who you are, no matter where you are, believe in yourself because in the end, you never know who you may impact with what you've done or said.

So believe in yourself and the rest will follow

New Year 2013

It's 2013 and I've tried to make a promise to myself that I will use ALL the things that I have signed up for which includes my blogspot and tumblr. So from now on I will try my best to update this at least weekly.

What I have done differently from many this year is to not make a new year's resolution because what's the sense if I forget within the first week of the year. What I have done is make sure that I try and set a goal for each week or a special day and try my best to do that, that way I would have accomplished something. For example: because i live in Jamaica and I'm currently in 6th form I wear a tie to school so, to ensure I at least accomplish ONE thing no matter how small, I tie my tie every morning!!!!

Other than that, I went to a 6th form dinner...but then again I'm in 6th form now so that should be a shocker too considering i haven't been online in forever! But I'm going to try much harder this year to actualy make this a later :D :*