Thursday, 5 March 2015

Valentine's Day - ish

Once again, as usual, I apologise for any grammatical errors which i may make but thank you for still reading anyways

Now Valentines day has come and gone and no Im not about to write a cheesy love post or a sour bitter woman one at that. Im not really about the clichés at this point in the late night at which Im writing this. What I wanted to do was really question those that said there is no such thing as having a good time on valentines day without having a man.

Now Im not a drinker or club goer so for the most part, clubs and alcohol arent my thing. But Ill never forget someone saying to me once that by me not going to a club I wasnt going to be having a good time and it appalled me that they could ever really say that. And I have proved that wrong so many times. Honestly, just getting together with some good friends on ANY night, not just Valentines day/night can show you how much fun you can have. Literally all we did was go  out and eat food, and it was one of the best nights Ive had since coming to university, one of the reasons because I dont go anywhere really, but it was still fun in my eyes and I think thats all that really matters.

Also the other night, my hall decided to have a social and there was karaoke, now, I know it sounds cliché but it actually is pretty fun, especially when with your friends and the whole crowd is feeling the song as much as you are. Get together with real, true friends and see the fun that awaits you, whether it be Valentines day/night, a regular Friday/Saturday night or any other night you just feel like going out(it could even be a night in). Dress up how you want to and have the time of your life just doing simple things and see how much fun youll have. I think thats all I really have to say, for now at least.