Thursday, 24 April 2014

I'd like to say Unbelievable but...

So last night while minding my own business my mother calls me. So like a good little girl I came running to her. She told me she wanted to show me a video and to be honest I really wasn't in the mood, but when I saw that it was 6 minutes long, I just kind of started protesting, but she told me that the 6 minutes was worth it(she never watches videos this long without a good reason). So I sat down and watched the Video. What it is is a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL getting beaten by her mother for posting nudes on facebook.

Now a lot of the comments said that the mother was cruel for doing this, personally i don't think so. Why you may ask, because honestly some of the younger generation don't listen and if you talk and talk and talk and they still refuse to listen obviously you need to try a different approach. Now, at the age of 12 if she's posting nudes, what do you think she'll be doing when she's 16 or even 18. Mind you, I'm not a fan of the method of beating children, but from what i'm told there are 4 children in that household with just the mother and she's trying to put food on the table, provide shelter and clothing and even allows you the means by which you can use facebook and you're telling me that you find time to be posting nudes for a man on facebook.

Now you tell me, you don't have book to go and study? Many girls get so wrapped up in boys/men/males and totally forget that there are other things out there. Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be that one single bitter person but I'm just saying that remember you're still in school trying to make something of yourself. Don't let yourself be so wrapped up in love that you completely lose touch with friends or even reality. There's a life with that person and without, just try to find the perfect balance with all your relationships.

Back to that video. So this girl is being beaten by her mum and her mum made sure to video it and told her to put it on facebook...Maybe you've had enough of my horrible explanation and you want to see it for yourself well, i'm just gonna post a link below so you can watch it and then you can formulate your own opinion...feel free to share...or not. It really doesn't even matter

And the second part of all of this:


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