Saturday, 14 December 2013

2 Months To Go

I apologise in advance, like always for any grammatical errors I may have made in typing this up. I admittedly did this in a slight rush and so haven't spell checked it, so here you go.

In 2 months I’m turning 18. The big legal age!! But what I want to do for my birthday isn’t really the regular things that most 18 year olds want to do. I don’t want to go out to a club or go have an alcoholic drink for the first time at a legal age, what I really want is a birthday party. And I’m not talking about the usual, dressing up, putting on make-up and having a fancy party. No. I’m talking about something a tad more childish, or just a whole heap more childish.

I want a party where I can have a movie marathon, a piƱata, and a water fight. A water fight with things like water guns, water balloons...even just buckets of water and something to scoop it up with. I know, for an 18 year old it doesn’t sound like the most ‘mature’ thing to do ever. A lot of people would call me crazy or just stupid. The time to do something completely new or something of that sort and I want a party fit for 6 year olds. I’m sorry butwait, scratch that. I’m not sorry. Why should I be sorry for something that I want to do? Why should I care that someone else things that for an 18 year old I might be being just a little bit childish. Um, no.

It would just be me and a medium size group of friends where we’ll have a water fight and then we’d sit down, watch like a zillion movies while eating cake, popcorn, sweets, and just feasting to our hearts content. And even though all I ever say is that I have 3 friends, I’d like to believe that I have more and a good amount of them would do this with me. I mean, everyone needs to bring out their inner child and when else would be the perfect time?

But anyways, I need to go cause I need to get ready cause I’m actually going out tonight. *gasps* I know, I’m leaving my houseat night! But it’s actually a dinner for school, and even though I’m not big on dressing up I like to feel pretty too. So this is my night, to put on a dress, put on my ridiculously high heels, especially for an already tall person, leave my yard and go enjoy myself (I hope). So off I go to get ready, and even though I pride myself on being able to get ready quickly, this might just take a while.

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