Monday, 20 May 2013


So, Bio Paper II is now over and though it could have been worse, I still didn't like the exam. What I've realised with all my exams so far though is that maybe if i studied a little more for detail instead of general knowledge, I would have passed with even more flying colours but because of that, I'm not sure of what my grades will end up to be.

One thing I don't like to predict though is what my grade will be. No! I don't do that because you never know what could happen. Suppose I tell people, "that was so easy i got an easy I", and then end up with a V,  I'd just about die and I couldn't manage that embarrassment. I really couldn't.

But while I sit here and type I have Chemistry Paper I tomorrow, so off I am to try and do something productive when it comes to multiple choice :D

xoxo :*

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