Friday, 24 May 2013

Queen of Vagina

So, I've finally watched more than half of the video called 'Queen of Vagina' and my only question is. Why?

Why have we subjected our generation to this kind of music. Why is that this is what our music has come to?  I mean really, why is it that the most used words in this song is, vagina, penis and sex? We've gone from greats in the industry to people who sing about how wet and juicy their vagina is...really? We should be ashamed of ourselves cause this is disgusting and unbelievable. 

Never in a million years did i think that this would come out. And i'm sure many of the great musicians in the world probably didn't think that music would come to this point....I'm just in absolute complete shock right now and I think someone needs to give this lady a reality check cause she just embarrassed herself on the internet and once that video has been put on it, it will never go away. Cause somewhere out there, some has saved this video to their hard drvie and if anyone was actually brave enough, they have a hard copy. 

It's sad what our world has come to and i only hope that the few good remaining artistes left in this world let their light shine so that we can all see. There's still a little hope, no matter how small.


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