Friday, 29 November 2013


I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors that may appear within this post for I have not proof read it and so Im warning you before you read it because you might encounter some errors that may make you question my schooling

Now, after asking a few friends what to write about I decided that I would do this one first.

University. The majority of us want to go to university. Some of us will be the first in our family to go, others may be the second and for some its just normal that after high school, you go to university. No matter what the case most of us believe that by going to a university/college, well be able to make our lives better and get some of the things that weve always wantedmyself included.

Now, what I dont understand is why it is that the way how university is priced is that only the rich and famous are able to get in. I mean really I know that some of our parents have been saving for our university tuition for years now and yet some of them are still unable to pay for even the first years tuition according to what we want to do...why is this?

Why is it that for the average person living with an average family it is next to impossible to afford tuition? I mean, I dont expect it to be completely free or on the verge of it but are you seriously telling me that the price that is set for university tuition is taking into account those whose parents dont have million dollar jobs...can they honestly say that?

Sure, some might be saying You dont know how much it is to run a university and though that may be true shouldnt it be the goal, of especially all countries, to try and ensure that as many of their citizens are able to qualify for the jobs they want, to be able to earn enough money and eventually and hopefully invest in their home country?

I cant seem to wrap my mind around the fact that the majority of people in a country are unable to afford college/university tuition, myself included. When I think of what I want to study and the amount of money it will cost my parents I have to wonder, why must it be like this? And Im not talking about any specific course in particular. Look at so many of the professions out there today, medicine, law, mass comm., engineering, nursing, etc. all these professions and half of the students at university now, their parents...or even them, are struggling and squeezing every penny in order to try and pay school fees.

Dont even get me started on scholarships because even though they are available so many people want them and very often, so little are given out and not saying that there are people worse off than some and that they dont deserve it but Im saying even though say I have absolutely no money and someone else has just a tad bit more than me and were both equally involved in our communities and school and we got the same grades...even though the other person cant afford it either, Ill get the one ever thinks of the others who apply but dont get through. How will they pay for their school fee as well?

But enough about that, the last thing I have to say when it comes to this topic is...after spending all of that money to study in university/college, can you imagine coming out of school and not being able to find a job? with things like student loans to pay back and needing to eat and have shelter, after youve scraped up all that money to go to university, study your butt off and get your degree only to go out into the working world and be told by every person that they have no jobs availablewhat are you supposed to do then?

If anyone would like to enlighten me on anything that Ive spoken about, feel free to do so because everyone has an opinion and unless you make your voice be heard, how can you ever expect anything to change? So speak up and be heard...try and make a difference.

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