Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Free the Nipple Movement

Now it's not the best in grammar, but they are my thoughts, however jumbled they may seem

Free the Nipple movement

So while I was supposed to be finishing up an essay for a class, I was on twitter and saw a tweet that I guy posted about the whole free the nipple. He said that he thought it was just for attention seeking hoes(whether he was joking or not has yet to be determined). Now as a person who doesn’t take everything seriously, I really wondered what he was talking about. So, I decided, instead of doing school work to google the free nipple movement, and what I found was interesting.

            So apparently what’s happening is because of this lady who wasn’t allowed to post a picture on Instagram with a jacket of two topless ladies on the back or with her wearing a sheer top (I’m assuming that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath). And so she then decided to walk around new York city topless and document her journey on twitter. Persons of the movement claim that even though it is legal for a male or female to not wear a top (or bra) in public in certain states, a female will draw more stares than a male. They also state that in the 1930s males had the same problem but they fought against it and now it is accepted as the norm for them however for a female she is more likely looked down on. Apparently it also involves breastfeeding, which apparently isn’t legal in some ways in certain states.

            This all got me thinking, and to be honest after researching this, I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole thing. Personally, I don’t think I’d do it but at the same time when I look at why I would never do it, one would be because it’s not accepted in society, another would be that I am just not that comfortable with my body or nakedness on a whole. And why is that? Society once again. Though we can chalk it up to sexualising women, the same thing happens to men. You can’t tell me that as a woman you don’t look at a topless guy and imagine all kinds of things, it’s just more accepted than a woman. Another thing came to mind, those who state that us females aren’t sexual objects but if you are a part of this movement, that’s exactly what most guys are going to see you as. And I’m not saying this is right but it is what’s going to happen. And though we may want to change this, it will take a while, years or even decades because what is the norm now, will take a while to change.

            In some cases I feel, if you don’t want to wear a top, that’s all on you, at the same time I don’t necessarily want to see it but I also don’t necessarily want to see a lot of things either. I think what needs to be done is taking it step by step. First start with the beach and breastfeeding. Because it is true, a female’s nipples, even on tv will be blurred out while a male’s are left alone. Why is that? Why is it that as a mother, you are unable or afraid to breastfeed your child in public because you might let your nipple be seen by the persons who take it upon themselves to actually look at you while you’re minding your own business. I’m not saying that everyone has to breastfeed their baby in public and use nothing to cover them but you choose what you want to do.

            I honestly have mixed feelings about the whole thing but I think the reason most of us don’t want the ‘free the nipple’ movement to even be happening is because we’re uncomfortable with nakedness. All I have to say is, you do you. And as long as no one is being harmed I don’t have a problem….at the moment. I've been informed in the 2 seconds before posting this that it originally started with women and breastfeeding so do your research and go more in debt than i did, cause that's exactly what i plan on doing now...


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