Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fresher's Guide

Basically putting tweets together of what to expect, what to do for you’re first year…I’m in the faculty of science and technology so some might be biased to that but they’re generally for everyone

ü  If you think just because you could handle 8 am classes in high school you can handle it at UWI, think again (I actually learned this one first hand….it’s true)
ü  Tutorials are key. Not just attend them, but do them before going
ü  If you can’t manage the cold, walk with a sweater. Classroom A/C tun up
ü  Read the notice boards and stay in the know
ü  Enjoy university as much as possible.
ü  Don’t walk on the grass (especially Chancellor’s, unless you’re a chancellorite)
ü  Never box yourself in…widen your vision
ü  Love your parents and if you can’t visit them often, at least talk to them…and not just when you need money
ü  There will be soo many different kinds of people with different outlooks, mut ensure that you know yourself
ü  University is your place to shine
ü  Remember the importance of a balanced diet and exercise
ü  Do not miss the bus, the sun is not your friend
ü  Your school fee may double by the time you finish
ü  Even though there’s no dress code, don’t show up like you’re going to a club
ü  Complete community service in first year, after that you won’t have the time
ü  There are days when you feel like giving up. Don’t, it’s not gonna be easy but it’ll be worth it (or at least that what they say)
ü  Most senior man have them woman already, doh make them fool yuh
ü  Don’t be selfish, especially if you live on hall
ü  Try new things but don’t lose yourself
ü  Don’t waste time with people, know when lyming need to stop
ü  If you can, get a job to help take some of the burden off your parents
ü  Make use of the office hours offered by your lecturers
ü  Don’t throw anything away. Keep your payment and exam receipts
ü  Sleep no longer exists
ü  If the name of a course causes other to laugh, start studying from early
ü  Know who’s on the guild representing you
ü  Work hard and play hard
ü  Get involved – join a club, a committee, play sports, join FYE
ü  If you leave something in the library, don’t expect to find it
ü  If you’re gonna live on hall, learn to cook
ü  Hi-Lo is expensive
ü  Don’t miss orientation – it will start you off on a very good note
ü  If you’re going to sas go before it opens, otherwise you’ll be there for a while
ü  Avoid being on academic probation
ü  Keep an open mind, try new paths, discover yourself
ü  Doo all your assignments before time and study a little everyday.
ü  Drink responsibly. Know your limit
ü  Don’t play dominoes outside juici all day everyday
ü  Not every girl you muss look
ü  Time management
ü  Be careful of the company you keep
ü  Make sure you pass all foundation courses
ü  Commuting students, please know about the uwi bus system
ü  University is not ll about partying, make sure your assignments are done  and you’re studying up to date before you party
ü  If you’re a commuter, get attached to a hall
ü  Don’t be afraid to speak to your lecturers
ü  TBA is not a venue, it means to be announced
ü  Don’t tweet when you have an exam you’re not prepared for
ü  Do every single assignment
ü  Make a friend that lives on hall or is a commuter
ü  Don’t be afraid to make new friends
ü  When campus elections take place to be very prepared….to into hiding
ü  UWI Mona hotspot, the worst wifi on campus
ü  Make sure you do the prerequisites for the 2nd and 3rd year courses you want to do
ü  Take notes in class
ü  Do all available past papers at least a week in advance.

Now these do not belong to me….i may have tweaked some a little bit but not by much. If you want to see all the tweets and their respective owners go to twitter and type in the hashtag #FreshersGuide Enjoy university and don’t forget, if you can help it, NO 8AM classes!!!!


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