Friday, 6 November 2015


I apologise in advance for the grammatical errors that may pop up. i actually attempted to at least glance through it but some may have slipped me, but do enjoy....

So, nowadays, everyone is a part of a Whatsapp group, and sure that’s convenient for most things but it’s also annoying and so for the most part people have now put their Whatsapp groups on mute. Personally, I don’t mute them, but I don’t talk in them either….not that I’m in as many as some persons because 20 Whatsapp groups is just ridiculous. But the few that I am in rarely hear from me, however I read all the messages….or I at least try to. So the other night they sent a message in the group speaking about how the opposition leader was on campus and on another hall. I really didn’t see the big deal because even though I try to keep up to date about what’s going on in my country, I’m pretty much out of touch.

               What did get my attention in the group was when persons started saying that they’d vote for this person IF they basically paid for their vote. And at first it was a joke but then, at least to me, it seems that one of the persons were serious. They even had the nerve to say that preference would be given to whoever gave them the most money in order for them to vote since all of them were the same anyways.

               Now last time I checked it was illegal to buy votes, if not illegal then at least morally wrong. And when things like this are constantly being done I don’t understand how you expect the country to be any better. You complain, and complain, and complain but yet you’re still a part of the problem! I DON’T GET IT! How do you expect things to change then? Personally out of principle, if you’re trying to buy my vote then no, I’m not voting for you because what kind of politics are you really looking at? Obviously you’re not looking out for my interest because all you want are votes to win. You don’t really care.

               Now, I also know that a good amount of ‘young people’ nowadays also ask the question ‘why vote when I don’t see anyone that I want to represent me?’ and I honestly don’t have the answer to that because I’m asking the same question because it has just really occurred to me that I’m at the legal age for voting in my country and not once did it ever really occur to me to vote or even get a national ID. So if you have the answer to that question, then please pass on the knowledge but what I do suggest is not to give away your vote just becayse someone giving you money to last you the most a week. Short term plans will not help us as a country in the long run, so let us try our best to make the right decisions.



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