Friday, 21 March 2014


Many times I sit and think about either my generation or even the one coming up. And to be honest I’m honestly worried. Take a situation like this for example. One day while sitting in a class, take a look around you and try to imagine the people in your class as leaders of tomorrow. Sure we still have a lot of growing to do but just look around you. How many future lawyers can you pick out, or doctors? Media personnel? Accountants? Or even someone you think could be the next Usain? Shelly-Anne? Yohan? Warren? Or any other form of athlete? How many people can you pick out and say they could be the next Prime Minister or even business owner. Can you honestly say that our generation is living up to their true potential. If so then please share with me where you are.

I’m not trying to say everyone around me is a cruff but at the same time I think our generation could do so much better, myself included. We tend not to apply ourselves how we really should. We don’t put forth the effort that we should.

The generation coming up though, I really don’t know what to say about them I mean really… we have 5year olds walking around with apples and blackberry’s and you know I ain’t talking about no fruit!!! I’m not saying the advance in technology is a bad thing either. I’m just saying that at some point we have to step back and still realise that there’s an outside world with sunshine, rain, wind and the whole works. We have to keep in mind that even though technology is advancing some things still will forever remain the same. There’s a reason God gave us sunshine and rain. Even though we don’t necessarily want to step outside all the time we have to leave our houses. So don’t let it be that whenever you leave your house you can’t survive five minutes without looking at your phone because what do you expect the younger generation is going to do. Soon they’ll think it’s perfectly NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE to be driving and on the phone.

How long can you last without your phone? I know logically with everyone being so technologically advanced people do business on their phone. Fine but other than that, as a teenager how long can you last without that one device that you’re constantly on. For me it’s anything  I can read with and I’ll admit I can’t last that long but when I look at the amount of school work I could be doing sometimes I honestly believe that I should do better. I mean I can barely recall the last time I had a literal book in my hand, partly because my parents tell me to get books online, but still. If I’m just reading I think about the people who are literally glued to social networks. What would you do without that for a day? Could you cope?


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