Friday, 11 December 2015


I apologise for any grammatical errors that you may encounter, i'm just trying to express my thoughts into words and sometimes things get confused in between translation.....

            So as I was attempting to get some last minute swatting done this morning before my exam, I got to thinking about God and religion. From just that one statement I know you’ve already started drawing conclusions about what this post is about….

            When I say I started thinking about religion what I mean was I started to think about how our society views religion in this day and age. I mean, I know personally, sometimes when someone brings up God, I get slightly uncomfortable, and why should I if I consider myself a Christian? No, I’m not ashamed of my beliefs but we’ve become so used to the fact that whenever someone brings up religion…and in this case I’m talking about Christianity, they expect a certain type of reaction from others. Why is it that I should be afraid to tell you my beliefs or even be timid? Nowadays, someone brings up God and they’re forcing their beliefs on you but the moment an atheist starts up about how much they don’t believe in God and how you’re wasting your time and effort by doing that, it’s called freedom of speech and allowing them to express themselves and their beliefs. Like WTF?!? How does that makes sense? How does me telling you about God and his greatness equal bad but you telling me about how God doesn’t exist and the big bang theory or evolution equals freedom of speech.

            And God forbid I decide to invite you to church or share a scripture with you….that’s a whole other side of stink eyes and shade being thrown. And let’s not forget when you start cussing me out about how I shouldn’t be shoving my beliefs down your throat and trying to force you into doing something like read the Bible or pray. Like really? How do you not see that this is just the beginning to a whole other form of bullying? Since when is being a Christian or religious something to be ashamed about? Since when is expressing your beliefs something that needs to be hidden for fear of being attacked? Yes I understand that we’re living in the last days and we’re supposed to expect most of what is happening now but you can’t be preaching about equality and not giving Christians their fair chance of speaking. Or wait, was that only equality among the sexes? Did nothing else matter when you were preaching your heart out about how everyone should get an equal opportunity in all walks of life.

            Though I like to consider myself a Christian, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not perfect and neither are you. Everyone has their flaws and overtime we just have to grow to accept them but let’s not be hasty to generalise all Christians as pushing their beliefs on someone and therefore attacking them just like how we like to generalise all feminists as being aggressive(that’s a whole other topic for discussion) for example.
    Let’s just all learn to love, learn and live



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