Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Christmas Dinner

i apologise in advance for any errors that may appear in this post

Now, I’m an only child for my mum but the last of three girls for my dad. And in my entire 18 years of living, that I can recall, I’ve always had Christmas with my mum. So the other day my dad asks me to join him and my two sisters for dinner on Christmas day. Now to be quite honest with you, the last time, which was also the first, my dad had all of us over for dinner, his mistress?f***-buddy?girlfriend, whatever she wanted to call herself, was pregnant….but wait for it…..with TWINS!!!! So imagine my shock then, and now imagine my shock and speculation when he says we’re gonna have Christmas dinner.

So, he picks me up, LATE, Christmas day and he picks up my sisters as well, and we’re on our way. Imagine me surprise when we don’t go to his house but some apartments…now we’re there for a while, and he’s feeding me alcohol like he’s trying to get me drunk and I think to myself, maybe this won’t be so bad. WRONG! A lady eventually comes out and says hi to us… Now, to tell the truth, I have nothing against her, she was nice enough and there was plenty of food and juice and cake and ice cream. But at the same time I don’t like to be ambushed.

Now remember I said that he invited us for dinner? Yeah, it didn’t stop there, after that we sat, had some ice cream and cake, which we could barely take in, and watched a movie or two. The impossible, which is an amazing movie is one of them. So eventually one by one we kind of start falling asleep. So my dad eventually wakes me up and says go to bed! Now, I’m thinking, ‘oh? Home time?’ nope. He sets me up in a room, gives me a toothbrush, and a shirt to sleep in and all I can think is ‘I thought it was just dinner’. I don’t have a problem if you want me to stay over for the night….ish, but a little warning would have been nice. Or even asking me if I wanted to would have been nice as well. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think it’s the best idea to have your daughters sleeping in this woman’s house….no matter how ‘mature’ you think we are. Which I’m not by the way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I lve my dad and how he’s kind of trying to spend more time with us but we didn’t do anything!!! And the next day when we got up, after he made breakfast he slept while me and my sisters could do nothing but watch TV. I didn’t even have my computer. Just my phone!!! AND I had to ask for a charger cause it was dying the previous night!!! Honestly, my only problem with the whole thing was not being told that I was gonna meet his ‘girlfriend’ or whatever. So yeah, there’s my rant about my SECOND Christmas dinner for the day cause I couldn’t turn down my regular one. So for the first in my life, I had two Christmas dinners….interesting day.


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