Sunday, 9 February 2014

9 Things I Just Can't Handle

So, while I was lying in my bed, the strongest urge to make a blog post came over me but I had nothing to write. So, I did what any other sensible person with internet access would do. I Googled it. :D I got a lot of things that I could use and I've decided to settle on this one: 9 THINGS YOU JUST CAN'T HANDLE.
So, here I go

1. When people yawn and talk at the same time. I can't. I find it sooo annoying and it just grates on my nerves to the point where I'll sit down and stare at you like WTF?!?!?

2. People who slurp. Whether it's soup, porridge(which I hate btw), tea, etc. It doesn't matter, if you're slurping I want to stab you. It's a disgusting habit that no one should ever develop. And even worse is when someone tells me that it's hot so they HAVE to slurp. NO! Just no.

3. When people pronounce my name wrong. I'll admit I've become more adjustable to it now but, if I consistently correct you about my name and you continue to call it incorrectly, especially when it's only 3 LETTERS I honestly don't know what more to do and it makes me feel like I'm talking to an idiot. If you can't pronounce it correctly just don't say my name at all.

4. When people enter my personal space. Now, I can manage this up to a certain extent. Sure when I'm in a taxi I don't expect to have the whole car to myself but if I'm sitting in a chair or just standing somewhere and you decide to stand as close to me as possible, that gets to  me. I mean really, you could have left a ruler length between us. There's no reason for us to be sharing the same air so closely. You are not my man and so you better back up real quick.

5. Chipped nail polish. Though some people don't have a problem with it. I can't stand it. Especially when it's on my fingernails. If I have on nail even slightly chipped...even if I'm out, I'll sit down at peel the nail polish off of all my fingers. It's that bad. I can't bare to see it and if one nail doesn't have polish the rest can't either.

6. People who show off unnecessarily. Now sure every one has something that they want every one else to know about but when you try to be sneaky about it, it just pisses me off more than it would have if you just came out with it. For example if we're having a conversation and you say, 'OMG, you know how many guys asked for my phone number this weekend'? or 'I want the new (insert newest technological device here) cause EVERYONE has one.' No. I know you're pretty, and have guys lining up for your number, don't rub it in, I know your parents have money and I'm broke, no need to remind me. How about you just shut your trap and walk away.

7. Romantic movies. Now before you jump ahead this is a positive one. When I watch romantic movies I bawl because I just can't manage all the sweetness. I literally sit down and tears roll down my face and I can never stop them(it happens to me when reading books as well)

8. When I say I don't like something or can't manage someone doing certain things and they do it anyway. Like really? You literally just heard me say I can't tolerate that and you go and do it not even 5 seconds later? Are you asking to get punched in the face because that can gladly be arranged.

9. When I'm suppose to list something and I can't come up with everything to fill the list. Like this last one which technically isn't one but is at the same time. It gets very frustrating and I just can't when it happens.

So this was basically a rant, sort-of thing I guess. I'm not even sure. What I am sure of though that there must be a gazillion errors in this and I refuse to re-read it and pick them out so I'm sorry as per usual. One day it won't happen(that day isn't soon though). Until Next time


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