Thursday, 10 May 2012

I'm so confused

So, I'm sitting at my computer for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out a good blogspot name and they're all fricking taken!!!!! Like how messed up is that?!?!??! Anyways, this is my first post and though i'm not really expecting anyone to read it, it's still here. 

Here's how i'm going to do this, i'll try to update as much as possible, though as i said i'm not expecting anyone to read it and i'll tell you bits and pieces about what my newest obsessions are and what i'm up to in life.

Currently i have my exams going on now CSEC to be can google it i you don't know what it is and I have to be stressing about passing these or my life is over.As a matter of fact my Lit exam is tomorrow morning at 9, which means i shouldn't even be doing this, so yeah....i think that's all for the first post :D

P.S. I really like English Bands, especially the boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted

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