Tuesday, 12 August 2014


So, i just wrote this and put it here, i haven't really read it over, so please be gentle with the critiquing 

So, I’m going off to university in a matter of days and it never ceases to amaze me the things we take for granted. My previous post on university spoke about how I thought it was basically an injustice to have university at such a high price but this, though it is the same, is from a slightly different angle.

Many times we finish high school and some of us know what’s next. 6th form or university is usually where we go. But we forget sometimes that even though we say we don’t have the money, and we don’t there are really people worse off. I had a conversation with one of my school mates…as in we just graduated from 6th form and I asked her if she was going to UWI(The University of the West Indies for those who don’t know) and she said no. So me with my bright self just assumed oh she’ll probably go somewhere else. Later on in the day when leaving where I was I saw her again and she asked if I got through alright. We stopped and had a mini conversation and I asked her which university she was going to and she said she wasn’t going. She was going to go work cause her parents just don’t have the money to pay for what she wants to do.
          Now, I have friends and classmates and we always say, we don’t have the money. And even though, we fuss and complain about how expensive university is, most of our parents are still sending us. Not because they really have it but they have more than others. And they’re trying. Not to say that parents who can’t send their children to university aren’t though. I mean this girl didn’t even want to do anything like med, law or even mass comm. She wanted to do something that you don’t hear a lot of people talking about so I’m assuming that it’s not as expensive as some of the other courses. But add boarding, books, food, pocket money, clothes, etc. it doesn’t even matter her parents can’t afford any part of it. So she’s going to work. I wish her the best of luck and honestly pray and hope that one day, hopefully next year, she’ll be able to find the money in order to go to university and do what she wants. Cause why shouldn’t we as citizens, those who want to go on to higher levels of education, be unable to because it’s so damn expensive. Why can’t it be that  the majority of our small, but big country can go to tertiary schools and make their life, family and country better? Just why?

So, I’ve run out of ranting power so I’m just going to leave now



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